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King Arthur's Server Information

Posted: Sat 20. Oct 2012, 23:46
by eythen
This is King Arthur's server. We are build up a "most" stable server (upon hacks or bugs will be detected). We encourage you to show around and get a little inspiration of our creating.

Server specs:
Port: UDP 30000
Connection: 10Mbit static landline
OS: Debian
Memory: 6 GB
CPU: 4
Disk: 80GByte

Backup: yes

Test Server for pre-release mods: available
Mods will be tested on a different server before rolling them out. So if you request a mod, please be patient, we need first to test them on the test server and to our mods for compatibility. This reduces a downtime for the public server.

Minetest Version: 0.4.6
Max Users: 50 (! we will raise this mark if needed. If you get any warning, please keep us informed)

Current Moderators:

co-Moderator for granting privs:

Actual server map